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My kid logic

I’ve been listening to This American Life’s “Kid Logic" episode this morning. It’s made me giggle a lot. Not because a girl thought her neighbour was the tooth fairy or because a boy thought seeing someone sleep is a way to fall in love with them. It’s made me think of my own special kid logic story. A belief I held for years and was the source of much frustration in my childhood and a source of much laughter looking back on it. 

Until I was seven, we had what was affectionately called “PTV” as in “Peasant television”. We lived to rurally for cable and satellite dishes had yet to invade. In Saskatchewan, this meant we had exactly three programming choices: 

  • SKSK tv (now CTV Saskatchewan) 
  • CBC English
  • CBC French

Fortunately, CBC had some pretty great programming, like Sesame Street and Mr. Dressup (Canadian Mr. Rogers) and Fred Penner. But especially great was Sunday nights, when they would air “The Magical World of Disney” and sometimes it meant a picnic in the living room on a vinyl table cloth, munching on French fries while we watched a movie. And while I loved watching the movies, it mostly just made me want to go to Disney World. And to me, Disney World was Epcot Center. 

This belief stemmed from the 80s intro to “The Magical World of Disney” segment. It went like thisAt around the 30 second mark, you’ve got Epcot Center. 

And as a kid, like most kids, I really wanted to go to Disney World. And my mom said: “When you’re brother is older.” And then he got older, but then there was another brother. So my mom said: “When you’re youngest brother is older.” Then he got older and my mom said: “You’re too old for Disney World!” 

This was especially frustrating because, at the time, I thought we lived 15 minutes away from Disney World. I thought Disney World was in a town called Qu’appelle, Saskatchewan. Because Qu’appelle, which was 15 minutes up the highway from Indian Head, has a water tower. Their water tower looks like this: 


Yup. It’s a silver ball. And to me, in my very young years, I thought it looked just like Epcot Center. 

And that is the story of how I used to think Disney World was just up the road from our little town in Saskatchewan. 

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