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This little dude.

This little dude.

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It just rained really hard

And I opened the balcony doors and let the fresh air come in and the fresh rain smell. I’ve been doggedly avoiding the cold, hard winter wet for the last six months. Today, for the first time, I sat on the balcony and listened the thrumming of the rain and stared at the Japanese maple tree that sits in our back courtyard. It’s at its freshest, most greenest. A green so vibrant the yellow hue shines through and as the rain slowed, a smell as spring as that green came up and I felt, at last, that the seasons have turned a corner. 

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  • Luisa: waaaaaaaaaaaiiiiillllll
  • Sabine: Goes into kids room where children are supposed to be sleeping.
  • Sabine: What happened?
  • Luisa: Ich bin hingefallen! Ich hab mein Füss aua gemacht!
  • Luisa translation: I fell down. I hurt my foot.
  • Sabine: What did you do?
  • Luisa: Ich wollte Hey Pippi Langstrumpf haare!
  • Luisa translation: I wanted hey pippi longstockings hair (aka pigtails) (shows me her two hair elastics that she got out of the little jewelry box we use for her mass of hair ties and clips and berrettes).
  • Sabine: Oh. We'll save those for tomorrow. For when the Easter bunny comes.
  • Luisa: (still tearfully). Ja. Ich freue mich.
  • Luisa translation: (still tearfully) I'm so excited.
Belly: There was extra room there for a while, in case he wanted to come back, I suppose. Now there’s just a subtle roundness, like the ghost of a pregnancy haunting my old dresses and t-shirts. Now, the belly is for laughing. The belly button, an unblinking eye. He puts his hand there as if to say, mine. I put my finger on his own. I gave him this scar, a present to take with him into the world, to remind him of a time when he needed me long after he doesn’t anymore. »The Post-Pregnancy Body by Aubrey Hirsch (via therumpus)
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I asked if they wanted to play with water on the balcony. This is before and after. This is definitely going down a parenting win.

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Morning’s work.

Morning’s work.



because it’s Posh Spice’s birthday…

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This just needs to be here.
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